We all have heard Customer is the king, the customer is the boss, but do we all understand who is a customer?

People generally believe that someone who uses or consumes our product or services is a customer.

Though I agree partially with this definition we must acknowledge that anyone who brings profit to the business is a customer. If someone uses my services and never pays is not my customer. Keeping this in mind I need to understand that my team members are also my internal customers. Their behavior and attitude also impact on my business profitability. Similarly, there can be a situation where some companies have competitors on the payroll. The competitor is someone who takes away your business expansion and profitability.

The relationship is an emotional connect else it’s a contract. Treating other as equal, important, and with empathy is a sign of relationship.

Management as we all know is about optimum utilization of resources. Therefore CRM is all about doing our best to create a profitable customer experience which leads to to business expansion and customer delight.

How to do it?

We need to focus on many areas:

  1. Product/Service quality
  2. People quality
  3. Process Orientation
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Use of Social Media

Customer Retention can be done by building:

Hope is never a strategy and companies need to come out of their comfort zone and ask themselves tough questions related to customer delight.

I would like to recommend the following questions that we must ask ourselves to remain ahead of the competition:

  1. What problem does my product/service solve?
  2. How do we solve it better than others?
  3. What guarantee can we provide?
  4. How easy is it for customers to continue doing business with us?
  5. How soon the queries are answered?
  6. What is our customer complaints resolution strategy and mechanism?
  7. How frequently do we appear in our prospects or customers’ mind?
  8. What extra can I provide?
  9. Do we know the need, want, expectation, and requirement of our customers??

If we ask the above sensible questions we can definitely find intelligent answers to retain our customers and keep our business profitable. You may also contact possiblers@possiblers.com for more information or ask any questions related to CRM directly with Mr. Suresh Mohan Semwal.


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