You are confused because you are both. You are a masterpiece and you are a work in progress. You are unique and you are easy to understand. You are knowledgeable and you are eager to learn more. You are satisfied with what you have and you are ready to get out of comfort zone. You are friendly and you are fond of being alone.

Yes you are both and this creates a confusion. This makes you question your identity. This makes you doubt yourself. You try hard to solve this dilemma. You never reach a conclusion about yourself.

Do not dwell more on this dilemma. Accept this confusion gracefully. Be comfortable with this confusion. Because this is absolutely normal.

Only children and stupid people are sure of themselves. The rest all are confused somehow. Rest all are into some kind of dilemma. They all struggle with this duality. So love this confusion. Why?

Because confusion is a sign of a working mind. If you are not confused then you are not thinking clearly. So the confusion is the search. A search for clarity, a search for authenticity. This search is a journey. So march ahead in this journey with abundant love for yourself.

When you love yourself, when you believe in yourself, when you get comfortable with your confusion, then and only then you are in your true self. Do not run away from it because it is original. Do not discard it because this is the process. Embrace it because this is the journey.

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