Empaneled trainer and facilitator with POSSIBLERS. Jas comes with an overall experience of 12 years in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching, Behavioral Training and Sales & Marketing. She has facilitated and coached clients from various industries ranging from manufacturing to IT. Her Mantra of Engineer Your Genius provides her coaches/ participants with simple tools and transformational conversations that lead to an opportunity for performance at the highest level.

Educational Qualification:
  • PGDFM (Organisational Behaviour & Marketing) from Infinity Business School
  • M.A. (Psychology) from IGNOU
  • B.Sc from Sri Venketeswara College
Specialized Trainings & Certifications:
  • NLP Trainer the Trainer (Class NLP)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP, ANLP, Class NLP, INLPTA)
  • NLP Practitioner (ABNLP, ANLP, Class NLP, INLPTA), Metaphors of Movement (Fresh Brain Company)
  • NLP New Code Practitioner (Inspiritive Learning, Australia)
  • Train The Trainer (Dale Carnegie), International Business (AIMA)
  • Emotional Trading (Fresh Brain Company)
  • Integral Eye Movement Technique (Fresh Brain Company)
  • Provocative Change Works (Nick Kemp)
  • Neuro – Psychology coach & NLP Facilitator
Work Experience (Training & Industry): 12 years
  • As a trainer & a coach, she has been recognized for creating interactive learning environments and facilitating people from various walks of life, encouraging participation and individual creativity. All modules and workshops are customised to the requirement of those involved, aligns with the objectives of the organisation and have process of transformation in place to bring about increased effectiveness, more productivity, thereby, measurably better performance by the company.
Key trainings delivered and interventions done:
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming, Leadership Development Programs, Leading & Sustaining Change, Change Management, Team Building, Effective Sales & Negotiation, Values and Team man ship, Communication Skills, Gender Sensitivity & Responsibility, Creating WOW at Work, Goal Setting & Corporate Alignment, Leadership and Succession Planning, Managerial Development, Personal Productivity