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Stress Management Seminars

Stress can affect any person and the most common form of stress happens in our workplaces. There are tensions about whether or not a person is able to keep their jobs or not, their health insurance and other personal reasons. But above all of them, the chances of losing a job scare the most. Individuals who work in stressful or tough jobs, where there is a lot of pressure are more prone to experience stress. Environment, relation with co-workers and pressure from the client’s end, all contribute to stress.

Before knowing the impact that stressed employees have on business, there are numerous physical and mental effects of stress that employees have on themselves. Stress can result in anxiety, frustration, forgetfulness and fatigue. If employees experience any of such symptoms, then you can imagine how it can affect your business in the long run. After knowing the impact of stress on employees, the stress on business results in low overall productivity and higher staff turnover and worker’s compensation.

These are the following causes of stress in the workplace:

  • Bad company culture
  • Long working hours and
  • Workplace harassment

Advantages of stress management at workplace

1. For building strong company culture: Employees working under manageable level of stress are happier and help to maintain a positive culture at a workplace.

2. For retaining employees: Employees who are not stressed are more likely to stay longer in the organization. This practice helps in keeping their employees satisfied and productive.

3. Less sick leaves: Stress is one of the main cause of taking leaves. This practice not only results in mental health days but also reduce the number of sick days taken by employees.

The training program is a strategize place to start as it helps you and the organization to prioritize stress management as an initiative. This program not only relieves stress but has also proven effective in making healthier decisions.