Public Workshops

The Indian Public Relation industry in India is still at a very nascent stage and they provide combined solutions, especially if we talk about public relations, advertising and digital, there is a thin line between the three mentioned fields. Public relation is now catching up fast and now has definitely come a long way. Public relations training seminars facilitate relevant and timely communication both internal-between hierarchal levels and the top management, and external-between the company and media. The public relation workshops provided by Possiblers provides training in media-handling skills. This program is customized to suit the needs of organizations and management. It is helpful in integrating social media into your existing PR communications program or a team communication skills training session that focuses on delivering result-driven campaigns.

Our public relations training includes following topics:

  1. The elements of a PR strategy
  2. To determine the target audience
  3. How to deal with journalists
  4. How to approach bloggers for the PR strategy
  5. How to structure media releases and what you should include.

This program is ideal for PR professionals who have been given responsibilities who would not have formal training. Business owner and speakers who want to promote their business. Participants will get a chance to learn the science behind PR strategy including media angles, press releases and media releases. You even get to learn how to approach a journalist and online tactics.

Public relations is not just about saving your company’s reputation but maintaining positive relationships with clients, stakeholders and public that will learn how to manage conflicts when important.