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Motivational Books

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Let’s talk about motivation to bring a positive change

Positive thinking is an important step for achieving anything in your life, whether it’s ambition or your personal life. Most of us look for changes in which we approach our relationships, or we are striving to alter the way in which we can handle work-related stress. In such cases, self-help books are the best tool and what better way is to gauge their quality, than to select books that have helped other successful people to live a positive life.

Here we will discuss about motivational books written by motivational speakers from Possiblers. Read on to know further as you never know in your life, in which phase you need to seek motivation to keep you moving towards your goal.

a) Power of responsibility: It is a thought-provoking and perspective building book written by Suresh Kumar Semwal in 2001. This book is the favourite among corporates. Over these years, more than 1,00,000 people have benefitted from this motivational book. This book talks about various life lessons and discusses insights on the corporate culture that focuses on the happiness around you.

Available for just Rs. 270 you can buy this book from Flipkart and gain a major change in perspective.

b) Cooks are many chefs are few: Have you ever thought why we cook for years and don’t think of becoming a chef? In the same repetition does not make us successful, just in the same way we if we read books for ages and still do not inculcate the habit of reading. Written by Tapas Dasmohapatra this book talks about various aspects of what keeps people away from success, what habits they should avoid.

Available for just Rs. 250 you can buy this book from Flipkart and read this motivational book for a healthy dose of inspiration.

c) WOW in Life: Written by Suresh Semwal, this book talks about how to infuse energy and enthusiasm in employees. Available for just Rs. 270 you can buy this book from Flipkart and make your life WOW.

The motivational books you read should provide you solid ideas as to how you can make changes it proposed in your life. These books grab reader’s attention and pull them through the book and should provoke them to bring change to their lives. So, are you looking for some motivation to excel in your life?