Family Seminars

Families have been showcased as a building block of a vital society. Investments in family policies can create conditions for families to do their best in bringing up the next generation. If the family foundation is strong today, children are likely to become a solid foundation they need for tomorrow- to become competent in a strong economy. Family Impact Seminars are not biased seminars designed to translate research to policymakers on topics related to families. The main purpose of these seminars is to better connect high quality and public policy, and to encourage policymaking that takes policies into account. Certain issues are addressed in the seminars like early childhood care and education, child maltreatment, mental health and domestic violence. The family seminar from Possiblers is designed to facilitate learning among policymakers in a result-oriented way to promote the awareness of the impact on families. The seminar provides a neutral setting outside the political environment to discuss issues on a common ground.

These seminars are used as a standalone tool that helps design programs or it can be used on the basis of a full-fledged family analysis.

Apart from this service, Possiblers provide patient education seminars when it comes to educating plastic surgeons and weight-loss specialists. In-person seminars are one of the most effective ways to keep the existing patient engaged. These seminars give a chance to doctors to share their experience and make connections with people from the community. This can directly impact patient’s decisions. Most people go by word-of-mouth that is the easiest way to showcase patient seminar.