Effective Parenting

Effective parenting

Parents are the child’s first teacher and should remain the same throughout their life. They encourage and support and give access to activities that masters the key development tasks. As a child develops, he goes through a series of development stages that are important to all aspects of their personhood including social, intellectual and emotional. It is believed that it is important to teach children to be happy and not the rich. It is their responsibility to make them understand that value of a person is not found in what they have and don’t have on the outside, but what they have from within. Being a parent you should teach them to develop good habits and help them understand their purpose in the world. If a child knows how to set limits, manage extreme situations and, respect themselves, then he will treat others with same dignity.

Children become happy with anything that brings them affection, fun and support. It is the adult who teaches them that value lies in affection and intention and not price. We usually do it without meaning to, by giving more importance to things we consider more beautiful. That is where effective parenting plays a major role. Our parenting seminars cover parenting topics that help parents strengthening their bond with children and inculcate self-discipline in them.

Happiness comes with inner peace, not with materialistic things

It is very obvious to make mistakes when money makes the world go around. Happiness is achieved through affection, love and understanding. It’s important that we make our children understand that the reward is inside, not anywhere else. Teaching a child to be kind and co-operative are important lessons that we can impart them during childhood. If as a parent you succeed, you are doing a great favour to them. You must teach your kids the following five values to focus while sharing life lessons with them.

1. Gratitude: Teaching your children the importance of gratitude helps them in being compassionate and kind. It is not enough to insist your children in speaking magical words without teaching them their values. It is all about feeling gratitude for what they have.

2. Solidarity: We set an example in front of our children and teach them the value of sharing with those who are in need.

3. Emotional Intelligence: The purpose of emotional intelligence is to cultivate kindness and emotions serve as motivation but also as a medium to respect others.

In this way, we encourage them to grow and cultivate passion in their hearts, by encouraging their well-being and rest of the world.