Assessment and Development Centre

It is extremely difficult to completely eradicate subjectivity from any selection/appraisal system, but it is not impossible to curtail it to a manageable level.
The team is led by Mr. Sandip Grover, former Global Head HR & CSR of Welspun Group, Mumbai (profile attached). Mr Grover is currently on the panel of Korn Ferry as an assessor.

Some of the existing scenarios !

Promotions :
  • The Promotion process in any organisation is often linked with number of years in the current position and past performance rating with some intuition of him/her handling the enhanced role. It gets negated to some extent when the enhanced role is only a change in designation.
  • Even if the decision of such promotion is taken by a designated “Promotion Committee”, invariably the decision is taken more from absence of any negative traits or subject to overall percentage of promotions allowed in any given year.
  • No where the potential of the incumbent is assessed. This obviously leads to biases, alliances and heart burn to the true performers, who do their work and not resort to marketing.
  • The Training Needs Identification (TNI) of any organisation usually hinges on needs decided at the time of Annual Performance Appraisal cycle, wherein the appraiser either unilaterally decides the training needs of the subordinate or the subordinate proposes and the boss uses his/her wisdom to either second the needs or modify them.
  • Nothing wrong with the system and this has been going on for quite some time. However one important aspect that is often overlooked is the objective assessment of the employee to understand his/her true caliber and deficient needs basis the environment in which he is, or would be working.
Selection Process :
  • Usually a typical selection interview lasts for half an hour to an hour with some exceptions on either side of the curve. It is also often said, albeit unofficially that the interviewer makes up his/her mind in the first few minutes and balance time is spent to either confirm or challenge the hypothesis. In the absence of an objective assessment, it is left to the marketing/presentation skills of the interviewee to do the needful. Coupled with this scenario is the ever daunting task of judging the candidate on cultural fitment.
Why Assessment & Development Center ?
  • It is no brainier that the best way to judge an employee in either a new role or in order to ascertain his/her deficiencies is by putting him/her in a role. That's why we at times find to our horror that a candidate whom we felt was quite brilliant during interview with equally great references, has proved to be a below average performer.
  • So what could be a way out, if we were able to simulate the environment coupled with either a BEI (Behaviour Event Interview), CBI (Competency Based interview) or a Stress Interview, the organisation would be in a better position to take a correct decision.
  • Research demonstrates that that there is no substitute for objectively observing and systematically measuring how people actually perform "on the ground". A well designed Assessment Centre is the most effective tool available for assessing individuals in both individual and group based environments for selection or development.
  • The simulation is created through variety of individual and group exercises that are carefully designed after examining the competency framework available. All the tools are evaluated extremely objectively. Each competency is ascertained by different assessors and scored. In order to eradicate even the slightest of the subjectivity, there is calibration exercise amongst all the assessors towards the end and scores tweaked to justify the true assessment.
What We Offer :
  • We are a team of highly qualified and experienced assessors with an average experience of 20 years. The team is led by Mr. Sandip Grover, former Global Head HR & CSR of Welspun Group, Mumbai (profile attached). The profiles of his team of assessors can be shared on request.

  • We can design specific assessment tools expending upon the needs of the organisation. We can also design the competency framework, if the same is not available.

Assessment centre are methods for assessing aptitude and performance, used by employers to test the skills that are not assessable from the traditional point of view. These centres usually lasts a long day but can last from half a day to several days of testing and assessment. A candidate is allowed to appear to an assessment centre only after he/she has cleared the initial screening. The assessment centre is the final hurdle in the recruitment process and is where the employer puts in the candidate through their pace. It takes a lot of time and resources from the employer so they put through only the selected candidates. An assessment centre is a place where series of exercises take place where candidates and assessors can take place. Its main purpose is to excavate candidate’s potential to perform well in the job.

Assessment centres are mainly run by human resources department of the organization to which you have applied. There might be managers who provide technical input and examining panel interview questions. The assessment centre usually lasts from half-a-day to two full days depending on the position you are applying for. They are developed to help you in appreciating what the users are trying to achieve. This knowledge is helpful in assessing that whether you are able to showcase the required abilities i.e., the knowledge, skills and attitude during the exercise that allows you to maximise your result.

The main components of assessment centres are:

1.Presentation by the employer
2.Group and individual exercise

The process of the assessment centre

Throughout the process, you will be examined on a sheet score filled by assessor. After the process, the assessors discuss their opinions to decide the result. Each candidate’s performance is evaluated against their score sheet where you are not allowed to see your scores. Most often the job description is a good place to look for capabilities the employer is looking for.

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